Product Description


Can be attached to Multiple Valve Brands:
Designed to fit most brands of Rotary Valves from 20mm to 150mm fitted with the standard tapered 12mm European Spindle such as ELOMIX®, ESBE (old generation 3G, 3MG, 4G, 4MG, HG, T),SEKO, Paw, Barberi, MUT, ACASO, Buderus (old generation), Meibes, Oventrop, etc.
Can be attached to Multiple Damper Motor Brands:
Also designed so that most standard rotary motors can be fitted from 65mm wide up to 105mm wide such as Sontay Range, Electro Control Range including Belimo, Juventus and other similar brands.


Main Bracket: Mild Steel – Nickel Plated – with adjustable anti – rotation pins.
Spindle: Mild Steel – Nickel Plated

a. Burred for secure attachment to Damper Motor Claws
b. Centre Screw for secure attachment to Valve Spindle
c. Anti – Rotation grub screw


Download PDF:


Seko Universal Linkage Kit Technical Specification